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We hope you enjoyed the website and that you found it informative and of some use to you. As you can see, after reading it, there is a great deal of information in there that you will need to disseminate, mull over and then see where you can do something positive.

To start a branch of your existing business or launch a new company overseas is a massive step regardless of whether you are a major manufacturing or distribution company or just a small company operating in a niche market. But here’s a chance for you to contribute articles/blogs to this site that can be to your advantage.

If you can submit a great article or two that will be informative to our readers, you have the chance to advertise your own business on that page. If you have any suggestions for someone that might want to transfer a business or set one up in Scotland, then it would be great for you to share that information in an article. You can use the form below or read a bit further on and check out the details about how https://scotlandbiz.co.uk/ can help you.

What type of articles can you submit?

Anything related to setting up a business in Scotland, such as:

  • Best tips to get started
  • Best contacts
  • The easiest thing to do
  • The hardest thing to do

What topics can you cover in your article?

  • Government help
  • The business network in Scotland
  • The whole shooting match if you were successful
  • The best area
  • Living in Scotland – lifestyle, weather, salaries, transport, cost of living
  • Recruitment and Training
  • The Supply Chain
  • Hidden Costs

What this website can do for you in return?

  • Your post will be published within 48 hours of being accepted
  • You can get as many links back to your website as you like
  • We get more than 5500 visitors a week to the site. Your post will have the potential to attract the same.

Some Rules we need to apply to retain the integrity of the site:

  • Please submit only original material. Articles that are copies of other posts will be rejected.
  • co.uk reserves the right to change or edit your blog at our own discretion. We will inform you and ask permission first, of course. If the post causes problems, then we have the right to remove it.
  • Submitting the post means you transfer all your rights and interest to the content toco.uk.
  • There is no compensation for you providing the content.
  • You agree that the substance of the article does not violate any applicable law, rule or regulation; any contracts with 3rd parties or any 3rd party rights. You also agree to indemnify and hold scotlandbiz.co.uk harmless from any and all liabilities or damages that may arise from providing the content.

Hopefully, that hasn’t put you off, but it’s really standard practice on the internet these days and serves to protect the parties involved. We really look forward to your submissions and as it costs you nothing but time, it’s not a bad way to attract people to your company and products and services.

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