Why you can not avoid youtube marketing

The use of video marketing is an effective and affordable strategy that allows any company or business even independent entrepreneurs promote their products or services using the video over the network. And, most importantly, make them known to millions of people worldwide – something that is worth going to check this out and learn about the process for.


One of the main tools for this purpose is YouTube, which all users have access free of charge. This video portal on the Internet holds the third place in web traffic after Google and Facebook, according to data provided by Alexa. Every day more than 1000 million videos are on YouTube and hangover 20 hours of video.

Completely immersed in the multimedia age, most people, especially younger segments, might not want to read, instead they would prefer to see and hear. At times like this, the use of interactive content would be relevant, and you might not want to skip using them. A video can thus, become the easiest of ways to present a novelty, explain how a particular product or service works, advise on methods of use or show how different market segments operate.

If YouTube is the third most trafficked Internet, you’re not increasing the chances that many people looking for a certain product or service find your video? Of course, without neglecting our website it is also a good place to make it known. BuyViews in youtube is a good idea for making your product video popular.

Moreover, making a video is not just a task for experts. With adequate resources (digital camera, stereo, etc.) and a good dose of creativity, we can make an acceptable video to our marketing strategy video. However, be careful, because a very low quality can adversely affect the image conveyed by the company. We can dedicate more investment to improve quality, without having to become too sophisticated or too commercial.

Among other advantages, video marketing can improve the image and reputation of a company, it is a form of personal communication, and the search engines, especially Google, give more and more importance in positioning. A good video can influencing customer buying behavior as well.

Facts behind the monster Youtube

  • There are over one billion users
  • Every day you see hundreds of millions of hours and generate billions of reproductions
  • Every minute climb 300 hours of video
  • 50% of the reproductions are from mobile
  • Youtube is dispnible in 75 countries and in 61 languages
  • There are over 1 million advertisers (most are small businesses
  • What for Youtube

Artists use these channels to share their music, youtubers to create content and connect with your audience and your brand you can use the platform to:

  • To improve brand positioning
  • To provide valuable content
  • To educate your customers and prospects
  • To provide entertainment content
  • To promote your products and services
  • To collaborations with prescribers Youtube

Youtube is one of the most important social networks worldwide and usually marks often neglect this medium. Clearly it is easier to create content for networks like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, but we can not forget that YouTube helps us position ourselves and could be a source of much revenue for our companies. Through this guide you will share strategies, tactics and tips to take your Youtube channel to another level.

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