Why Do Customers Prefer Bags for Life to Single-Use Plastic Bags?

If you’ve been to any large supermarket over the last few years, you’re sure to have noticed that single-use plastic bags have been cast aside in favour of more durable options. You’ll generally be able to choose between tougher plastic bags and Bags for Life, which are designed to hold heavy contents and last for years. Even if you run a retail business that isn’t legally required to provide something other than single-used plastic bags, you might want to consider providing Bags for Life

Here are just a few reasons why customers prefer them.

Bags for Life Are More Eco-Friendly

As you probably already know, the biggest black mark against single-use plastic bags is that they’re absolutely horrible for the environment. Each one requires resources such as petroleum to make, and they often end up with littering the landscape or sitting in landfill, which is a problem in and of itself since they don’t biodegrade. Customers are now aware of how bad single-use plastic bags are, so they generally look better on businesses that offer Bags for Life instead. 

Bags for Life Look Better  

While eco-friendliness is certainly a key concern, it isn’t the only one. Customers also enjoy having bags that look good. After all, when you like the way something looks, you’ll generally keep it around for longer and feel happier taking it out. Bags for Life are available in plenty of designs to please your customers – you can even create your own unique design to improve your branding. 

Bags for Life Are More Durable 

They don’t call them Bags for Life for nothing. Since they’re so much tougher than single-use plastic bags, you can load them up to the top and carry them around for years without worrying about them splitting, and that’s something customers tend to appreciate.

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