How Traveling Could Extend Your Bottom Line

Many first-time business owners learn by trial and error. Let’s face it. Many seasoned owners do, as well. However, there are things that don’t have to be a harsh lesson. One of those concerns how you gain support for your growing business.

Taking a trip here and there to secure investors, gather supply contributors, and just reboot could not only be the saving grace of your business, but could give you the rest and relaxation you need to focus on the bigger picture of building a stable foundation for your budding company. Here are  a few ways travel might help.

Travel Lights The Fire Of The Creative Mind

There is nothing like travel to light the fires of creativity. In the world of business, this trait is crucial to the progressive success of your company.  No matter what industry you are in, new ideas are necessary to keep up with the evolving world of technology and the ever growing desires of your customers.

For example, if you own a car company in the U.S., traveling overseas to Germany, visiting the makers of the best car company in the world, Audi, and sitting down for lunch with their engineers may enlighten you to possibilities you didn’t know existed.

This is not to assume the that Audi would divulge any secrets to a competitor, but building the relationship may lead to a creative chain of events that bring you closer to a huge increase in your bottom line.   

Face-to-face Meetings Are Still The Best Option

With the advancement of technology, it has become less necessary to physically knock on the door of another business opportunity and have a sit down conversation. . . or has it?

Yes, we now have the privilege of being able to call, text, email, video chat, and message anyone we like. If we put a little effort into it (very little,) we could live the rest of our lives and never meet face-to-face with another human being again.

However, if there is one thing phubbing has taught us, it’s that our need for human interaction is genuinely vital to our survival, especially our emotional survival. In the world of business, this translates to making sure to conduct in-person meetings with those we plan to close business deals with or those companies that contribute to the daily success of our customers.

If for nothing else, just traveling to a lunch date with your colleagues can communicate sincere gratitude for the time they devote to helping you succeed and motivate them to offer future assistance.   

You Learn How To Reboot

As a business owner, you are privy to the knowledge of every detail about your company. This includes the ups, the downs, and the way downs. You know everything from the big score sale made to the fastest growing company in your field to the details of the embezzlement case you are now involved with because one of your “trusted” employees was not as trustworthy as you thought. Running a business is incredibly stressful.

You must take time to reboot. One of the best ways to do that is through travel. A creative way to accomplish this is to have at least two places you call home. You could have one for every season, but that may be overkill. (That’s up to you.) Want to enjoy some sunshine? Have a vacation home set up in the south.

After all, there is a reason birds fly south for the winter. Do you enjoy a good ski trip? Plant a hideout in the mountains. The point here is to create a place where you can get away any time you need to and reboot. Take a little extra time for yourself. Some time away will refresh your motivation and help give you a new perspective on your vision. Your bottom line will thank you in the end.  


This next time you are sitting around brainstorming on ways to make a larger profit, try taking a trip. The match needed to set your profits ablaze may be on a sandy beach or in your vacation home.

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