Top 4 Blogs about Scotland

Looking at the top blogs about Scotland, it’s nice to see the priorities are in the right place. Weddings, food, and alcoholic beverage blogs are some of the best blogging topics. It sounds like a good weekend is available in the beloved country of Scotland. What are the most prominent blogs from Scottish writers these days?


We Fell In Love

This brilliant blog dedicated to promoting all the sublimities of a wedding in Scotland has a five-year history of supporting all things Scottish. These bloggers feature the venues, suppliers, and scenery that make Scotland memorable for that most special day.  The writer’s love of the joy, energy, and personality that is unique to the Scotts bursts through in the design, writing, and photography on their blog.  

Whether it is a handfasting or shared drafts from the quaich, they have a point of connection to make it possible. (In a handfasting the couples are bound together at the wrist, and the quaich is the cup of friendship filled with whiskey). They can direct you to and help you with any one of the amazing traditions that can be a part of making your day unique and memorable.

Food Drink Glasgow

This is a compendium of articles focused on the food and drink in Scotland, with an eye towards Glasgow. Started by Mark and Emma in 2007, out of love for their home city and a desire to share about all the wonderful food and drink to be found there. Over time the blog grew to include a team of writers who write not just about food and beverages, but about a wide variety of topics with a Scottish twist.

Edinburgh Whiskey Blog

Fairly direct naming pre-qualifies this site as being about whiskey. If you are daring to talk about whiskey in Scotland, you need to have your act together, and they do. This small team of writers from Edinburgh, write about whiskey above all else. Strongly opinionated, but highly educated would describe the style you can expect. Started in 2009, the duo of Chris and Lucas have hammered out an existence writing about what they are passionate about. Over time they have to their scope of coverage, covering reviews of beers and other spirits on occasion. Their primary focus has remained resolute, Whiskey and events and articles supporting the whiskey industry in Scotland.

The Beercast

In 2007, this group of friends knew nothing about beer other than its purpose of getting you pissed. Over the last eight years, their curiosity over what they are drinking has led to them being the primary blog on beer for the Scottish, British, and Highlands. This weekly blog lists all the beer events in Edinburgh, new brewery reviews, new pub openings, and reviews of the beers being poured. This award-winning blog has become highly credentialed and highly respected in the industry. Initially tied to a podcast, the writing side has consumed the writers time and pulled him into full-time work in the brewing trade industry. This is an exceptional resource for any information on the brewing industry in Scotland or even about Edinburgh in general.

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