Overused Business Phrases

Business World is a popular term used to describe the global landscape of business today. The term business world may also refer to the broader world of economics, finance and politics. Business refers to not just businesses but to national and international governments as well. The global business world is constantly changing; however, many of the old rules about what makes a good business are beginning to change as newer business models emerge. This is creating an extremely exciting time for business owners who have a stake in the global economy.

In many ways, the phrase BizWiz refers to what the phrase “vision and will” describes. Vision refers to seeing the end result and will describe a plan for getting there. A vision also describes the way in which people feel about an issue and how they are using traditional methods to solve the problem. In the business world, a phrase like BizWiz can be used to describe a new way of doing things or a new way of thinking about how to implement an idea.

There are other phrases that have nothing to do with business jargon to describe the global environment. The phrase eco-friendly describes a set of ideals and actions that are designed to reduce, reuse, and recycle everything possible. It can overuse the word green though. The phrase eco-friendly can also be overused though. It describes the actions needed to create a sustainable ecosystem so that the ecosystem can continue to support human activities and industries without depleting the environment.

The phrase smart, sexy, and powerful can be used to describe a variety of business jargon over time. It first came into popular use in the 1960s and it describes the combination of scientific terms that describes the scientific method. That method is often used as a description of what business writers call an “efficient approach to solving problems.” That description sounds like something that someone might just say rather than actually using the phrase.

The phrase time management can be overused, but it does not have to be. When people hear time management, they usually think of the famous phrase by Henry Ford “I had to manage myself because I was busy”. That description sounds like something that someone might actually say though instead of just saying I had to manage myself. Time management describes the act of planning and organizing so that you make things happen rather than simply staying in control of everything. Being in control is part of managing but the act of planning is vital to success.

A common phrase that is overused is “drive hard, play fair”. It describes an act (playing) that gets results (fairness) but it does not describe any effort or creativity on the part of the person doing it. The phrase can be overused though and sounds like a description of football rather than an inspirational quote. Those who say it can be overused as well but it should not be substituted for good leadership.

Another overused phrase is “knowledge transfer”. It describes a process by which information or ideas are transferred from one person to another. It is also the verb of “to transfer” so it comes with the suffix -ing. So “the best way to learn Spanish” is “knowledge transfer”. While there is certainly room for creativity in this process some knowledge transfer occurs without creative input but that is not to say that knowledge transfer cannot occur.

Perhaps the most overused phrase in business is “a cutting edge”. It describes something (not necessarily a product or service) that is cutting-edge or in some cases even more recent than what is generally known. This phrase can be used as a verb as well but should not be substituted for a specific example. That would be something like “a bleeding edge case that has become known as a case study”.

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