Our Top Tips for Dressing for an Interview

An interview can be a nerve wracking experience, especially for those who are trying to get their first job. Most spend too much time worrying about what the common questions are and how you are supposed to answer them. Unfortunately, most of these people seem to neglect the fact that an interview is a chance for a great first impression. For that, you need to look the part…

  1. Look professional

This may sound quite redundant, but unfortunately, this is still a necessary reminder. Some people just do not take interviews as seriously as they should, thinking that answering questions really well will carry them over. This could happened, but is a major, and rare, exception to the rule. You see, no one will take you seriously either if you do not bother making an effort to look very presentable. Looking good is never enough- you have to look professional. Otherwise, you will probably just come off as sloppy, lazy and uninspired, which are all qualities that I’m quite sure no company is looking for.


  1. Keep your hair out of your eyes

While there are a lot of hairstyles that look good for parties or dinners, playing the mystery card will only make your interviews wonder what you are trying to do. Nothing can beat a clean look, where your colleagues can see your face properly, and no stray locks will be getting in your way during work. On this note, make sure that you have a good, clean hairstyle when you show up in the office. Disheveled hair is not a look, at least not when your boss is talking to you.

  1. Wear a watch

This is a very basic accessory, but is very effective. The important thing is the message that you get across: you are conscious about time, you are all about business and you are on point. This kicks your professional look up a notch, showing that you will not have any, nor give any excuse for being late to a meeting, because you won’t. Do not wear flashy watches, even if they go with your outfit. A rolex would probably be the perfect watch for the working man or woman, seeing as they are both classy and simple just like you should be. Are you sensing a pattern here?


  1. Keep it simple

This is pretty much what it all adds up to. A pair of slacks or a pencil skirt could go a long way by themselves. Accentuate what you can, but make sure you look simple. A professional should be a no-nonsense, clean cut sort of character. Of course, you do not have to dress in dull colors for the rest of your career- even a pop of orange would not look out of place if played right. Less is more, more often than any of us probably realize, and a too distracting outfit will keep you and your colleagues distracted from that pile of paper on the desk. That is a double edged sword that will probably stab you into unemployment.

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