Need Help Resolving a Family Issue in Portsmouth? What to Look for in a Family Solicitor

It can be a heart wrenching decision to take legal action against a family member, as family ties are what hold our society together. Whether the dispute revolves around a deceased family member’s will, access to a child or a divorce, undergoing any procedure against those nearest and dearest to you is a painful situation.

There are many family solicitors in Portsmouth, and even more online, so it can be puzzling to know what to look for in a solicitor if you have never had family based legal advice in the past.

What are family solicitors?

Family law is a large area and while many solicitor firms specialise in areas like conveyancing, family solicitors usually make up a specific area in selected law firms; in other words, not every solicitor’s firm will have a solicitor specialising in family law.

A family solicitor will be able to help with areas such as divorce, child visitation, child access, or residency disagreements between parents or other family members. Law firms such as jmr solicitors could be potential matches if you are on the hunt for a family lawyer.

What to look for in a family solicitor

When it comes to working with families and legal procedures, it takes a great deal of sensitivity, compassion and legal knowledge to ensure that everyone’s best interests are catered for in the outcomes, especially when dealing with the needs of children. They are the most vulnerable casualties of a divorce and they also need to be given a voice in the proceedings. You might have to contact a few family solicitors before deciding on one based on your requirements. They mostly help with family and matrimonial laws such as children’s agreement, domestic abuse, finance, property, and divorce, etc.

There are many things you should look for in family solicitor to ensure that the proceedings create the smallest amount of stress possible.

Fee clarity

An area that worries many people seeking legal advice or representation is that of fees; how much is it going to cost? A high-quality solicitor will always be clear and open about their fees.


This is where the internet is of great help. If you have a solicitor in mind, conduct an online search to see how their past clients have reviewed them. If all seems good, set up a consultation with them to see if they treat you in a professional, dignified manner.


It may seem preferable to choose the more positive solicitor, but this may backfire. An experienced solicitor will be straight talking but neutral in almost all legal matters and will tell you the likelihood of you winning the dispute, without sugar coating any unpleasant news.


The best family solicitors will be proactively looking for ways to minimise the costs that you pay, while also being clear about their goals, tactics and exceptionally quick at following your instructions. If they do not seem to be doing these things and are difficult to contact, it is worth switching to a new solicitor.

Sensitivity As family law often revolves around children or divorce, you will want to choose a solicitor that is understanding of your needs at this sensitive point in your life and will manage your case with your (or your child’s) best interests in mind.

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