How Should Your Law Firm Be Using Social Media?

Apart from procuring business loans from the likes of companies that provide banking for attorneys, law firms must take initiative to promote their business. Social media is becoming increasingly important for all businesses, and law firms are no exception. Take advantage of social media channels to promote your firm and reach a wider audience. We’ve outlined three areas to focus on to help you build your brand.


Starting with LinkedIn is a straightforward way to increase awareness of your firm. Create a strong company profile by completing as much information as possible, and make sure that it represents your company. Where possible, include the keywords that users might search for when looking for you. Keep your LinkedIn profile regularly updated to ensure that it remains accurate, and encourage members of your firm to create (and update) their own profiles to help build your credibility. LinkedIn can be a powerful networking tool when used to its full advantage, allowing you to find new networking contacts as well as connecting with potential clients. You can monitor referrals to your website from LinkedIn using Google Analytics, to see how many potential clients come to you through that channel.


Your law firm is likely already creating high quality content, be it for print media, in the form of a newsletter or perhaps guest posts on other websites. Showcase this content in a dedicated space on your website, and then make sure that all of your audience get the chance to appreciate it by sharing it strategically across social media channels. Make the most of your content by publishing it in other mediums too- well written pieces should stand the test of time, and even posts written regarding a recent news item can then be adapted for later use. Law firm marketing or content marketing can be a valuable tool for your firm, to build relationships with your clients, increase communication and reach out to your prospects, and boost awareness of your brand. Adding a blog to your website is a great way to raise your profile as your main priority will be making sure that you rank higher than your competitors. Of course, there may even be some essential tools that are completely unknown to you, which makes reaching out to experts like those at much more important if you want to ensure that you are doing everything you can to improve your brand profile and success going forward. In fact, you may even ask your lawyers to contribute as well, as written expert advice will be invaluable in validating your firm to potential clients visiting the site. Where possible, avoid jargon to ensure that blog content is accessible to your audience. Regular blog updates on topics relevant to your industry will help you to stand out from the competition.


Social media is the most effective way to keep in contact with your contacts and clients. It is a tool that many law firms are not utilising to their full advantage. Develop a strategic plan on how you want to use social media to promote your brand- as well as deciding which channels you wish to use, and how often you want to update them, consider your tone and whether you will share links to just your content, or to other websites relevant to your industry. Social media growth does not happen overnight, it may take a while to build up a following before you see an increase in website visits, referrals and new prospects. Slow and steady is the best strategy here- post regularly and you will see increased interactions. It is best to make one member of staff responsible for updating social media- they can delegate posting duties to others, but having one person in charge of the schedule is the best way to maintain regular updates.

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