How much does a divorce solicitor really cost?

This is a question divorce solicitors in Guildford get asked often, and is actually one that requires a surprisingly simple answer. There is often confusion surrounding the cost of seeking legal guidance from a legal specialist, which is why many potential clients may shy away from legal intervention initially. In actuality, the cost of a divorce can start from as little as the amount charged for a fixed court fee which is minimal, if the couple decide to complete all of the necessary paperwork alone. Despite this however, many individuals may possess hectic work and social lives which can make it extremely difficult to finish this paperwork, which is where a divorce solicitor can help

Making the cost clear

So where does the confusion surrounding the cost of divorce occur? If a partnership decides to seek the help of a legal professional they are normally expected to pay a fixed divorce fee plus a VAT charge in addition to the court fee. These costs will be made clear by solicitors at the outset. Despite these costs being seemingly well defined, financial confusion often begins when the couple find it hard to make decisions on matters such as child custody arrangements, finances, and division of assets. This legal wrangling can cause the costs to stack up, which is why the mediation of a divorce solicitor is crucial to conclude these disputes as soon as possible for both parties involved.

What to expect from the legal process

Divorce is extremely common both within the UK, and on a global scale. Despite it being so common however, many individuals may still be unsure of what to expect from the legal process, and the steps typically taken to end a marriage. Although every individual legal case differs greatly regarding the process and outcome, every divorce follows several key stages. Initially, the divorce procedure begins with a petition, and finally ends with a ‘decree absolute’ which dissolves the marriage.

How long does a divorce take?

This answer will depend on the unique legal situation between both parties, it is therefore difficult to place an exact time frame on a divorce. Furthermore, irrespective of the potential dispute between the partnership, the timescale often depends on the court’s workload. Despite this subjectivity however, an approximate time frame of six months is normally given.

There for you, at every stage of the legal process

Divorce solicitors not only offer a wealth of legal knowledge throughout the divorce process, however they also serve as a sympathetic and supportive role for both parties. Experiencing a divorce is a difficult process for both individuals and can be emotionally draining. Disputing with a partner regarding children, property, and life savings are not matters to be taken lightly, which is why the support of a divorce specialist is so crucial.

Is everything always equally divided?

The settlement of finances is considered on an entirely individual basis, and whether an equal division of assets is appropriate for the unique legal case.

When is the equal division of assets not appropriate?

A short marriage, or one individual owning a significant number of assets before getting married can both serve as potential reasons for equal division to be challenged. In addition, if the assets involved are limited (or one party member requires the majority of assets for child housing needs) equal division may be inappropriate.

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