How 5 industries went into liquidation because of the internet

Businesses big or small have found the internet to be either their friend or foe. It really depends on whether they found a way to embrace it and learnt how to make it work for them, or if they found it confusing and too complicated. This can lead to businesses getting into debt and also losing out to their competitors who’ve learnt how to embrace the net. With the global reach of the internet, some businesses have learnt to swim and have been able to pay HMRC and PAYE on time rather than falling into business debt. While others have struggled with debt, going on to liquidation and the dreaded scenario of winding up a company.
If you check out this infographic, you’ll see 5 industries that have managed to survive and come out on top and that’s exactly where you want to be. It doesn’t have to end in winding up petitions and liquidation – get the internet on your side and learn to use it to your advantage and stay solvent. The infographic was created by who are there to help – specifically with business debt, helping companies to stay on top and not go under. Click here for free business debt advice on winding up petitions, paying HMRC and liquidation.

How 5 Industries were Changed By The Internet

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