Hiring a nanny versus daycare

For those with children, or couples planning to have a baby in the future, one of the areas of thought will be who will care for them when you return to work. With it being the norm these days that both parents work, it’s often not an option for one to stay at home to be the full time carer. The options then are hiring a nanny or daycare and it’s something to really talk about in detail.


Benefits of a nanny

Employing a nanny means welcoming a virtual stranger into your home but the benefits of someone new in your environment far outweigh the advantages of choosing daycare. With the careful selection of a nanny, you’ll know you have someone who is focused solely on your child or children and also that you can get to know the nanny as a person.  Trust can be built over time and if you use a reputable agency such as SupaCare there’s no need to worry about background checks or references as they carry this all out before suggesting them as a suitable candidate.

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Hire a nanny and you’ll more than likely find they have a number of years caring for children, will often have recognised qualifications and may also have undertaken First Aid and CPR training.

You’ll need to have a contract of employment with the nanny and you’ll be responsible for certain elements such as tax and insurance, but the initial terms and conditions of the job can be arranged through the agency.

In the early days you will want to monitor their care to have a sense of security; after all you are choosing to leave your children alone with someone. Over time though, many nannies feel as if they are part of the family and in turn the nanny will think of the employers as a second family.

Benefits of Daycare

Daycare really only has advantages when the child is older. When they are a baby or a toddler, daycare really only offers a babysitting service in a group situation but when they are 3 or 4, then attending daycare means they can benefit from pre-school learning experiences. It’s also a good time for them to learn socialising skills as well as early educational learning programmes.

Daycare for this age group often includes group trips, something which can’t be offered if you have a nanny. The child will also make friends which is very important; particularly if you live rurally and employing a nanny would mean little contact with other children of a similar age range.

Disadvantages of daycare

It can be expensive to enrol children in daycare; even more so if you have more than one young child. There’s also the issue that they will at some point become unwell and won’t be able to attend. This means you’ll need to take time off work and if you’re self-employed this can have a negative impact on your income.

As there are more children playing together, there will be more of a chance that illness will strike on a regular basis; colds, bad throats, upset stomachs can all mean the need to have an urgent few days off whereas a nanny would be able to care for the child whilst you carry on at work.

Whilst daycare has a great place in the development of a child, a nanny will always offer exceptional care. Reliable, loving and educated, a nanny is the solution to every childcare situation and you’ll be welcoming a great person to be part of your home.

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