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    Making a move to invest in Scotland or existing businesses here is an enormous step. You might have a lot of questions that we would be only too happy to answer.

    Be patient because we might have to check out the answer with one of our specialist advisors before we get back to you. You can email or call us.

    Feel free to submit a guest post and see if you can attract other interested parties. Maybe you want to do some importing or exporting, then let out advisors help you. If you enjoyed the article and found it was informative, give us a bit of feedback. Your satisfaction is our happiness.

    Don’t worry if you have to unload any problems you might be having with regard to setting up an investment project. Maybe we can be of some help. There are usually workarounds or some rule that can be overcome by using some advice from a person that has been in the same situation.

    Problems with the website? Okay, let us know. The internet can be great 95% of the time, but the other 5% can cause you stress when things are not working properly. We usually know if there is a website problem fairly quickly but other times we can be oblivious. No, we are not ignoring you. Believe me!

    Because there are quite a few government assisted schemes available in setting up a business in Scotland, it might take us a bit of time to clarify a point that you raise. Bear with us okay? We have to go through the same system to get an answer that you would, but we are at least local. So leave it with us and we will get the right answer back to you as soon as  we can.

    Do you have any horror stories about overseas investment that you can share with our readers, please feel free to tell us all so we can both sympathize and other can be warned about any potential speed humps along the way.

    We have many contacts within existing businesses so if you need a contact or an email we will see if we can help you. There’s nothing like a bit of networking to establish business relationships.

    Most of the contact will be through the form below but if it’s urgent, we can get back to you pretty quickly.

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