If you have that entrepreneurial flair and are thinking of putting those dreams into a business plan and some action, then making it all happen in Scotland is not a silly idea. In fact, with the support provided by the Scottish government, it’s really a stroke of genius. An entrepreneur is a person who takes a financial risk setting up a business in the hope of making some serious profit. The risk aspect is lessened if there is some form of support for what you are doing. Makes sense, right?

There is a Business Bureau established in Scotland and they are able to do a lot to assist a would-be millionaire in creating jobs and opportunity for others. Check out the front page of this blog about how to get established in Scotland. They are basic, no-brainers, like visiting the country first. That’s a good start. The part about the particular Enterprise areas specifically set up for entrepreneurs makes interesting reading.

Set up costs for a new business are the biggest risk aspect of a new company. If setting up costs too much, you then don’t have enough money left to develop and market your product or service. Discounts offered in this area of business-building are crucial. If you’re going to be employing local talent to work for you, then the Government has some really cool incentives and offers a greater degree of assistance.

While it’s generally accepted that the Scottish Offshore Industry is the customer you would love to have, there are many more opportunities available in Scotland. Services and products that you might be thinking of providing to companies involved in Shipbuilding, space technology and engineering software indicate a wider range of customers that would benefit from your entrepreneurial skill.

“Our vision is to inspire and develop Scotland’s people to build the most entrepreneurial society in the world.” That is the vision of the Scottish Government. With that vision being their driving force you will be welcomed with open arms. If you have a solid business plan, some dreams, a bit of money but could do with a bit of help rather than hindrance from the local authorities, choosing Scotland might be your cleverest move.

Did you know that in the country they have three distinct levels of entrepreneurs?

  • Future Leaders
  • Leaders Exchange
  • Fellows

It seems that Scotland is bending over backwards to attract and inspire people wanting to start a business. How many countries ca you think of that promote themselves in this way? One of the great advantages of starting an enterprise in Scotland is your proximity to the European markets. There’s a heap of information on Scottish Government websites like this one, from where you can pick up some great ideas and tips as well as network with similar people with great ideas.

Can you do it in Scotland? Aye, ye ken!

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