What Effective Marketing Really Means

Oftentimes marketing and advertising phrases are bandied about to the point where they become clichéd somewhat, particularly when you’re dealing with a representative from something like a printing company when they’re explaining to you the advantages of the products and services they offer. When we talk about effective marketing and the effectiveness of an advertising campaign however, what the focus should be on is whether or not the message you have is delivered effectively or not. If it isn’t, how can you improve upon the method of its delivery to make it so?


We explore the methodology you’d use to get the best of a banner as a means through which to get your message across through advertising, with some tips highlighted by UK commercial printing company, Where The Trade Buys.

Audience Captivation

Banner ads will likely be used at an event such as a trade fair or exhibition of some sort and so the design of your banner should take into account that you’ll have a very short time to grab the attention of your audience. One short sentence or phrase or even a striking image should be used to captivate audiences.


In the same way that smiling at someone normally solicits a smile in return, interaction with the audience should be used to “break the ice” and this can be achieved with an inviting photo or a bit of humour.


Preferably limit image use to just one or two images max, but make sure whatever graphics you use are of high print quality, are relatable in the eyes of your target audience and fully represent what your brand is all about.

Headlining to Make an Impression

Nobody is going to read paragraphs upon paragraphs at a display, so make a short and sweet statement by bolding your headline and trying by all means to depict the one thing you truly believe your audience needs to know about you or your offering.

Logo Placement

Logo placement is as crucial as the design of the logo itself. If you place your logo somewhere at the top, it should perhaps be representative of your brand in such as way that it pretty much tells all with regards to what exactly you’re offering. If somebody forgets anything they’ve seen on your banner, what they should never forget is at least an idea of what your logo looks like.

Colour Usage

Since space is usually allocated equally at an exhibition or fair, you definitely need to do something to stand out from the rest of the exhibitors, particularly since the various iterations of banner designs can be the same, such as teardrops, rectangular, rotating billboards, etc. The use of colour becomes important to achieve this distinction, but just make sure the colours you make use of to try and standout complement your existing corporate colours and enhance the appearance of your logo so that it stands out.

Your Contact Details

If your message was striking enough and the audience wants to know more or get in touch, their natural reaction is to look right at the bottom, which is where your contact details should be located.

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