What is Channel Partner Engagement?

For a vendor to keep gaining success in the market and increasing sales, one of the most important tasks is marketing. The products and services of a business should be branded properly and a result oriented methodology should be followed. This is where the expertise of a Channel Partner who has vast experience in increasing the sales of business to staggering levels comes in. However, most of these vendor- channel partner relationships lead to little or no results.

Every year, excessive investment and time gets consumed in preparing the agreements and holding out meetings between the two parties, but most of the times the actual results remain unachieved. For a business, finding a good channel partner and properly managing with them is a difficult endeavor and requires facing several hurdles. There are plenty of reasons that make it hard for businesses to find good sales incentive programs. But if enough time and attention is given to the matter, one thing would be certain; and that is, increased sales.

Following are some points on achieving a good coordination with a Sales Channel Partner

Understanding the business of your sales partner

Without understanding the business of your Sales partner you will never succeed in achieving the desired results. It would be just the same as hitting a target with eyes closed.

There are so many past examples and even more are still occurring, where vendors don’t know what their sales partner actually do. What kind of businesses have they focused on in past and what other products and services do they currently spend their time on.

How would you know if your Sales partner has contrasting products on which they put their attention? Or say, how you would know if they have a competing product in their hand? It all comes down to one thing, and that is: understanding the business of your sales partner! This could be done in a better manner with the best PRM software or other similar solutions. Businesses will be able to manage, organize, and scale every aspect of their business partnerships with the help of this technology, whether they are with individuals or with other companies.

Thus, for a business, it is important to know whether their product fits in the business of the sale partner.

Clearing up the expectations

If you are clear in describing your expectations it will save both of you from a lot of confusion. It is maturity of a business that it has a clear outline of what it wants in the market and what is its concern relating to the relationship with the sales partner.

For better results, you should outline clear cut expectations of what you want from your sales partner. If you can create weekly or monthly targets and strategies to reach those targets it will make everything easier for both the companies.

Providing the sales partner information and training

Your Partner should be sufficiently equipped with all the information, material and training that would be necessary for them to engage in the market. If the vendor arranges suitable sales training for their product, it will be even more beneficial in gaining better and quicker results.

The better the product is, the higher the chances there will be of excessive sales. But marketing it more attractively is just as important. And for that, partnering up with a good sale channel can produce great results. But such would be only possible if you both have a good working coordination and partnership like mentioned in the article. Good results will become evident automatically once you are coordinating and working on the same page.

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