3 Reasons To Hire A Marketing Agency When Opening A Rehab Center

In the business of rehabilitation, there are always more clients than there are beds. Opening a drug and alcohol recovery center is a good way to give back to the community by helping alleviate addiction while making a living at the same time.

However, there are many things about starting a rehab facility that are different from opening any other type of business. You may find that entrusting your vision to a good marketing company will help you make the decisions that will best help your clients while making a genuine profit. Below are a few reasons why.


Did you ever have a lemonade stand as a child? It was simple, but lucrative. Your mom made the lemonade, Dad built the stand, and you poured the glasses and collected the money. Maybe later on in life, you took a stab at opening your own restaurant.

There was a little more involved, but the simplicity was still there. You found and rented a building, outfitted it with the equipment you needed, hired a competent staff, and waited for the customer. When opening a recovery center, things are a little more complicated.

You still have the responsibility of building the physical business, but along with the brick and mortar of a drug and alcohol recovery center comes a lot of paperwork. The least of this is the license needed to run the center. The details of your license will have to cover zoning and how you intend to implement policies and procedures.

Marketing Plan

Let’s be honest here. We are not talking about advertising for Taco Bell. If you build it, they won’t just come. A drug and alcohol recovery center dispenses medical and psychological help to those addicted and their families. A different lead on the approach to promoting this kind of business is necessary.

Instead of advertising a product, you are advertising a service and a lifestyle change. There are details that a marketing agency will have more experience with. Not to mention, they will have better access to SEO, how to build your website, and how to manage a tv and radio commercial plan, as well.

Staff And Training

Lastly, staffing a rehab center is more like hiring for a hospital. There are several different types of employees you will need including medical and clerical staff. You will also need intake staff, janitors, caseworkers, etc. That’s a far cry from a grill cook and a cashier.

A marketing team will, more often than not, have a broader spectrum of knowledge in more fields of study than you do. With that knowledge, they will be able to hire more qualified candidates for your company. This will add to the longevity of your center by adding to the quality of the care received.

The next time you’re in the market to build a drug and alcohol recovery center, seek the assistance and experience of a great marketing agency.


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